About Us

Expertdog has been founded in order to train dogs within the sub-continent. Dogs are amongst the most friendly, and loveable animals on the planet which is why we decided to create Expertdog. We’ve been training dogs since 2012 and since then, our team has trained more than 1000 dogs within the country. We take extreme pride in our work as our employees are passionate about working with dogs and teaching them the skills necessary in order to be domesticated. If you want your dog to listen to your commands and stay by your side, then Expertdog is the perfect choice for you.

Once you become one of our customers, you can expect the best customer service available within our industry. We work extremely hard in order to ensure that our clientele receive the results they’re looking for within a short period of time. In fact, we have numerous policies in place that prevent any dissatisfaction from occurring with our clientele which is why we’ve successfully trained over a thousand dogs in the last four years. You’ll be amazed to see the transformation your dog goes through from the moment it enters our dog training centers located within India. Allow your dog to receive the best training it can possibly get by sending him/her over to us for professional training. Once the training process is complete, you’ll be able to handle your dog with ease and never have to worry again about its safety, actions, and obedience.
Expertdog is a dog training center based in Guwahati with an incredible reputation for success. We understand the great desire found within dog owners who want their dog to be trained within the best dog training center in India; we proudly hold the title of the best training center for dogs. The prices we offer are placed at a reasonable rate so that your dog receives more high quality training for less. You’ll be able to get more training for your dog without burning through cash on a daily basis; this will allow for you to live your life easily and have a dog that is fully obedient and loving to you at all times. We’ll train your dog to be the best companion it can be once it returns back to your home; our services are unparalleled and we guarantee incredible results for your dog and its actions.

Now that you’ve read through our about us page, we hope that you’ll take a look through our site and read through the services we offer. We guarantee that our dog training centers are the best in India which is why we keep the prices of our services low and their quality high. It’s time for your dog to receive the best training available; contact us through our phone number or e-mail for more information or if you have any questions. We look forward to hearing from you and training your dog to be the best it can be. Expertdog, where dogs come to become expert.